We are a Czech manufacturer of homemade ORGANIC biscuits and crackers


We started in 2006 with my mother, a professional confectioner who wanted to bake the best biscuits. Today there are more than 30 of us, we have our own shop, bakery and you can buy our products in stores all over the country and abroad.

From the very beginning, we have imprinted a passion for healthy eating and great taste to our products. It is based on the highest quality ORGANIC ingredients, honest handmade work of our bakers and family recipes.

We bake for children, allergic people, and vegans, but especially for everyone who does not want artificial preservatives, colourants and aromas in their food. For all those who want to experience the pure taste of natural and healthy ingredients.


Our flavours, recipes and ingredients


We have sustainability in our DNA

The essence of our business is also sustainability and environmentally friendly production. That is why we buy raw materials from Czech suppliers and local organic farmers. We use the principles of circular economics, which processes raw materials that have already been used.

We pack the products in easily recyclable packaging, and we also deliver them to Zero Waste stores. We use shared transport for delivery. We use energy only from renewable sources. And we move on. No other way is conceivable for us at all.


Our Vision, Mission and Goals


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No palm fat

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No sugar

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Organic quality

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Balanced recipe

History of Zemanka