Joint communiqués
Jana Zemana a Hany Zemanové



In connection with the end of our long-term partnership and the final settlement of our mutual rights and obligations, we have decided to publish the result of our agreement.

We founded the Zemanka organic bakery as a family business in 2006. The key people for its establishment and development were Jan Zeman, Hana Zemanová and Věra Zemanová, Jan Zeman's mother. Jan Zeman has been in charge of the company's management, financial side of business, business and administrative activities. With her professional experience in the field of bakery and confectionery, Věra Zemanová worked as the head of operations and chief technologist of the bakery. Hana Zemanová, as a recognized expert on healthy cooking and quality raw materials, played a key role with Jan Zeman in devising the entire Zemanka project and its actual activities, especially in selecting the raw materials used so that the resulting products are palatable and nutritionally attractive to various groups. customers. Hana and Věra Zemanová co-created recipes for a basic range of biscuits and crackers, and Hanka has always supported Biopekárna Zemanka in marketing, mainly due to the interest of many media. During our partnership, Hana Zemanová wrote the books Biokuchařka and Bioabecedář, to the creation of which Jan Zeman contributed by creating an economic model of cooperation with the publishing house and its provision.

Until our settlement in connection with the divorce of our marriage, the share in Zemance was part of our joint property. Now, according to the agreement between Hana Zemanová and Jan Zeman, Biopekárna Zemanka will fall under the exclusive ownership of Jan Zeman, who remains the sole partner and managing director of Zemanka and will continue to bear all responsibility for its further development in the future.

Hana Zemanová will no longer be involved in Zemanka, will bear no responsibility for its development and will focus on her publishing activities and other activities in the field of healthy lifestyle, organic farming and organic food. You can continue to monitor its activities at or

Our paths diverge and we wish each other all the best in our future personal and professional lives.

Jan Zeman and Hana Zemanová“