Our vision

Bake the best products. Such, among which everyone will find their favourite one. That is why we bake from the highest quality ingredients in ORGANIC quality. We stick to traditional recipes and honest handicrafts.

Our missions

Do business fairly and sustainably with respect for the environment. Inspire and support local organic farmers. Have good relationships with our suppliers, customers, and employees.

Circular products

Are biscuits and crackers, of which the main component is the residual raw material from other food production. However, the raw material, which normally has no further use, is still full of nutrients and vitamins. For example, the pulp left after juicing beets, carrots or apples. Coffee grounds or brewer's spent grains. All these raw materials would have to be disposed, however instead of that something new is being created.

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Zero Waste packaging

The packaging of all our products is recyclable and minimalist as we are concerned about protecting the planet. However, the best is NO waste, not even the remaining packaging material. Therefore, we also deliver our biscuits and crackers in Zero Waste packing to the Zero Waste stores. So in our warehouses are can be found piles of 5-kg buckets of biscuits and crackers, which we deliver to customers by shared transport. We, ourselves, collect the empty buckets, clean them, and use them next time.

Zero waste map Video

Green energy

Which means the electricity from renewable sources such as the sun, wind, water, or biogas. And we use such electricity in our bakery too. Why? Because environmentally friendly operation is as important to us as the quality of our products. That's why we use “Elektřinu Nazeleno”.

Sustainability strategy

  1. Inspire companies and individuals to do business sustainably
    We produce product from the pulp of fruits and vegetables and from coffee grounds. We tuse green electricity. We supply products to Zero Waste stores. We also want to inspire other entrepreneurs and show that sustainable business is not only possible but also profitable.

  2. Build Europe's first sustainable bakery
    We want to build the first European green bakery. One that will cleverly manage water and energy sources, that does not waste materials and that will operate on circular principles with minimal needs and burdens for the surrounding landscape.

  3. Know the origin of 50 % of our raw materials
    We want to know the conditions in which the raw materials, we work with, have grown. So far, we know producers of about 15 % of raw materials that come from Czech organic farmers. They are suppliers of apples, eggs, chocolate, fats and cane sugar.

  4. Help to increase the amount Czech farmers producing in ORGANIC quality
    We care about a healthy landscape. Therefore, we want to support and motivate local organic farmers in their work. By buying the raw materials from them and connecting them with experts and other organic farmers.

  5. Produce safe and healthy products for allergic people
    We do not use palm oil, artificial colourants or preservatives. We also bake without gluten, and we want to state the fiber content of our products, so that people with other allergies and intolerances can choose among our products.

  6. Offer products with a protein content higher than 17 %
    We want to prepare 3 to 4 new products with protein content based on the fact that protein is the basic building block of all cells. And because it is nutritionally rich, it allows an easy muscle gain and fast regeneration.

  7. Introduce a volunteer system and ease the recruitment process of new employees
    We want the best not only for our customers, but also for our employees. We are therefore going to introduce volunteer days, new bonus system, code of ethics and we will openly sign up to the Diversity Charter. For our new colleagues we will help and ease the learning phase and offer them help of those employees who already know the company well.

  8. Get even more involved in the development of Sedlčany region
    Our roots are in the Sedlčany region. Both of our plants operate here and most of our employees live in the region. We want to join forces with local organizations and entrepreneurs and together contribute to the development of tourism and encourage local organic farmers to inspire others.

Sustainability report

Doing business sustainably is the only way for us. And we are clear about this fact from the very beginning of Zemanka's existence. We emphasize this approach in all areas that we can influence. We do our job honestly, which is why we publish a transparent report every year in which we evaluate how we are doing.

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Code of ethics

Together with our employees, we act in accordance with the values ​​and principles that we profess at Zemanka. We have written this set of rules in our Code of Ethics. It includes a description of working conditions, corporate culture and personal responsibility of all of us.

We support

We are a foundation fund, but above all people who have decided to ACCOMPANY young people from children's homes on their way to real life.

The first time they leave the biological family and the second time they leave the children's home, when they often find themselves in unfavorable situations and are completely dependent on themselves. We have decided to CHANGE this feeling of insecurity and loneliness!

Veronika Kašáková Endowment Fund

The NAVZDORY agency consists of a party of up-cycling enthusiasts who, through their creativity, resist inefficient waste management. They can create creative advertising items, workshops, but also art objects from the materials used. Whether it's old advertising banners, printed matter, car belts, fire hoses, they can handle everything. Sustainability can also be enjoyed, so discover the magic of ECO catering with them.


The Association of Social Responsibility is the largest initiative of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the UN in the Czech Republic. It defends the interests of more than 370 members from the corporate, non-profit, education and public sectors in order to increase their potential and competencies in the field of CSR and sustainability.


Social associations responsibilities (A-CSR)

We strive for a confident, smart and sustainable economy.


Change to better

Really healthy schools offer children food that is tasty, healthy and prepared from quality ingredients. Schools also help children get an idea of ​​where food comes from and how it is grown or produced. They allow their students to understand the relationship between food and the world in which they live. Children learn from school the basics of healthy eating habits and important information, thanks to which they can choose healthy and quality foods in their lives.

Really healthy school

The Democracy Protection Network connects civil society to take timely and coordinated action in the event of a threat to our country's democratic foundation and to seek redress. It unites all those who want to participate in the protection of the principles of a democratic rule of law expressed in the Constitution and the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

Democracy Protection Network

The mission of the Food Bank of the South Bohemian Region z.s. the only thing is the fight against hunger and food waste. in its mission it respects the Charter of European Banks, which is an integral part of the Statutes.

Food bank South Bohemian Region

Disinformation. We all think we know them and shake our heads at how others can be so naive and uninformed. But they are very dangerous for a democratic society. The topic of misinformation disseminated by so-called alternative news portals has become the most inflected social topic in the Czech Republic.

NELEŽ Association

Ekonews is a news website founded by long-time economic journalists Martina Patočková and Veronika Němcová. The content mainly includes topics from the field of ecology and sustainability, always with regard to the economic side. Our goal is to inspire both companies and their managers with stories and experiences from various fields, as well as to bring information about what is happening in this area and to educate readers in this topic. Because without quality fact-based information, society will not move forward.


Award received

At Zemanka, we apply the rules of environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly sustainable operation. We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products, recycled cardboard and paper and we only take energy from renewable sources. All this translates into winning a number of awards and certificates.

It uniquely appreciates the brands' commitment to climate protection, sustainability and environmental responsibility.


The first supplier of electricity that comes only from renewable sources.

Nano Energies

We have chosen a conscious approach that is based on sustainable operation, is ethical for employees and customers, and is environmentally friendly.

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