Sweet ORGANIC products

Sweet ORGANIC biscuits are the most popular products in our assortment. Sweet tongues will please their delicious taste, which consists only of quality and healthy ingredients. Oatmeal, butter, nuts, 60% dark chocolate, real vanilla or the traditional spices of our great-grandmothers guarantee the great taste. You will never find white sugar or palm fat in them, so you can enjoy your daily sweet dessert without regret.

Salty ORGANIC products

A little afternoon hunger or an evening taste of fried potato chips will be certainly driven away by our salty ORGANIC crackers. You can enjoy them with wine or beer as an afternoon snack, alone or with a dip, as well as complement the party table as a lined canapé. You will find wholemeal spelt flour, pumpkin or sesame seeds, cheese, and soy sauce.

Baby ORGANIC products

We bake our children's ORGANIC biscuits with exclusive care for discerning children's customers and their demanding mothers. We care not only about the taste, but also about how to enrich children's diets with healthy foods. We therefore use exclusively spelt flour and natural sweeteners such as agave or rice syrup or ground ORGANIC fruit. No white or cane sugar and just a little pinch of salt. The biscuits are crunchy and suitable for children from +1 year of age.

Gluten-free ORGANIC products

In the wide selection of our gluten-free ORGANIC sweet biscuits and salty sticks, will choose not only those who suffer from food allergies to gluten, however all those who want to relieve the body of white flour. We bake instead with buckwheat, corn, and rice flour without artificial starches. In some selected products you will not find eggs and milk, and yet you will enjoy biscuits full of first-class ingredients with a traditional taste, as if baked by your mother. The gluten-free range is produced in a separate part of the plant and is under regular inspections. Thanks to this, it bears the Gluten-Free Certificate by AOECS.


Circular products

New life for the raw materials of other food companies, which can no longer use them, but which are still very valuable. These are so-called circular products. We use coffee grounds, which remains in the Ikea or Costa Coffee cafés after making coffee. Fruit and vegetable pulp, which is created during the processing fresh UGO juices and brewer's spent grains, which remains after brewing beer from Pilsner Urquell. You can buy baked circular biscuits and crackers on only from us, however in the companies where the main raw material came from.